A convenient kit that combines the Ultrik K&N Cold Air Intake Kit with the Sprint Booster Throttle Enhancement Module.

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Cold Air Intake

The ULTRIK K&N equipped MINI Cooper S Cold Air Intake System improves intake efficiency and increases engine performance.

The MINI Cooper Cold Air Intake reduces airflow restrictions into the engine allowing greater volume of air into the supercharger.

This air filter element is a re-usable K&N element known for its excellent air filtration, high air flow characteristics, long life & outstanding manufacturer's warranty (ten year, one million mile).

Fits 2002 - 2006 R53 MINI Cooper S, and also 2005 - 2008 R52 MINI Cooper S Convertible.

The dyno-engineered ULTRIK Cold Air Intake system improves airflow, performance and air filtration. Dyno results shows a less restrictive air intake delivering cool air means more power from your engine. The ULTRIK cold air intake box design is backed by the best product warranty in the business. It is your assurance that every performance mile is warranted against damage caused by a failure of an ULTRIK brand component. No one else offers a warranty like this for your performance modifications. We believe it is indicative of our superior product design and reliability. Demand ULTRIK brand for all your performance modifications.

Improved air flow into the supercharger = more horsepower = better performance! The ULTRIK Cooper 'S' Cold Air Intake System improves on existing designs for greater efficiency.

The stainless steel air intake box uses a wider design with chamfered base to enable better air flow across the entire air filter while providing adequate clearance from other engine compartment devices. The high pressure area at the base of the windshield directs outside air into the airbox through the existing bulkhead opening.

The shape of the air intake system frame in conjunction with its bulb type rubber seal provides a positive seal against the underside of the bonnet, eliminating the need for an obtrusive top.